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In our today’s post we will pay attention to style “country”, the English name with which to call based ornamentation rural motifs. This is a very classic design that brings a touch of home to any corner. Shop Online Theme Kitchen (http://www.themekitchen.com) groups the various possibilities of this decorative style within a collection, which is called Country Kitchen Decor. Here are some of the varieties available.

country decor kitchenIf the field are also cat lovers, we have the line Country Cats, with which we can have them always present in our daily work. It has different kitchen accessories: salt and pepper shakers, napkin holder or oven mitt for oven, as shown to the left of this paragraph. The feline friendly design of the artist is Linda Spivey.

The sunflowers are plants that are associated with the rural world soon, his mere presence spread joy and brightness. In the style that we are reviewing the find often a reason they are widely used in dishes and containers in general. Here’s a sample: a set of plates and cups for dinner or breakfast.

We can also choose to bring us ensembles reminiscent of past eras of our grandparents who lived picnics, or many times we have looked through film and television. An example is the Country Garden range, which comprises several reasons for this type in different utensils. The one shown here below is a nice napkin with the motto “home sweet home” inscribed on it.

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