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Although not very common today, there are still large houses that have long passages that can become a real problem when decorating. That’s why I’ll give you some tips on how to decorate that part of the house that important, but it has many limitations to decorate.

corridir decorationWide spaces

Remember that a broker is a passage from one side to another, or even understand the distribution of rooms, so these should be free transit. Avoid interrupting the passage furniture, shelves or large armchairs to flood the place of things.

It’s also a good idea to save space in the hall also has a closet to keep several things in the house. Better still if the doors are painted white so that it looks cleaner design.


All should be well lit hallway, because generally these have no windows or natural light, so use lamps, be suspended from the ceiling, the dichroic, or even placed in the very walls of the hallway.

Colors for the passage

Generally, it is recommended that you use the colors are clear, but the image below shows that using fun colors can be achieved quite modern and impressive styles. On the issue of the extension of the long hallway, you should always be white ceiling to avoid the feeling that the passage is larger than it really is.

The decor

To decorate a long hallway is advisable to hang pictures on the walls, so you get the feeling that is shorter. If you love photography, you need to put your favorite photos of your family and put black squares on a white wall, as I show in the picture.

As you can see, decorating a hall is not necessarily a problem, just a matter of you determine what you will do, either save space by placing a closet or do anything fancy with pictures and things on the walls. The last thing you need to have in mind is to never put elements that interrupt the passage, as it can even be dangerous.

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