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There may be other situations in which we need to prepare a snack or a recipe a bit special, but let the pantry and found what we usually never fails, some cans of olives, cockles, pate … this product is that we will to occupy in today’s kitchen trick, how to improve a canned pate. No doubt there are pork liver pate that offer good quality and we are very tasty smeared on toast or a simple sandwich, but if we want to provide a sleek and smooth taste, we can choose a simple kitchen trick and fast, can improve a pate is easy, with the result we develop more sophisticated tapas or appetizers.

canned pie
To improve a pie tin need at least a couple of ingredients, something creamy as cream or butter for cooking, and some liquor, such as brandy, Oporto, Pedro Ximénez, Bourbon … of course, we could add spices and even some chopped nuts, it all depends on what you finally want to offer our guests.

But most importantly, it will provide a smoother taste and an elegant pate can be incorporate the above products. You can make different combinations, is more of the same pie, can offer two different tastings if you incorporate different liquors and some spice that personality.

To improve a pie tin starts by putting it in a bowl, then add the liquor chosen, such as a splash of Oporto, and finally a drizzle of cream. It is very important to add these ingredients sparingly, will do well to use a spoon and go mixing and testing to achieve the desired texture and flavor point most pleasing. It is always easier to add liqueur and cream to repair a pate that has been too much fluid (although this would like to make a sauce).

With butter, to be an ingredient in body as well as smooth pate in flavor, spreadable texture is preserved, but should be thoroughly mixed to integrate both ingredients, and of course, use a quality butter. Remember that with a good homemade butter cream can do many times better than any commercial butter.

Hope this trick will be useful kitchen at some point, and if you want to contribute any ideas, all of you appreciate.


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