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Work spaces indoors need not be severe, classic, formal or boring. Nor have to be chaotic or break the look of your home. In many cases, a small corner of work can help create atmosphere, to divide spaces with other uses, or lighten the visual weight of the rest of the stay.


To do this, put into practice the decorating tricks for working corners that we’ve already mentioned on other occasions, such as finding storage spaces (boxes, drawers, a trunk, for example), a point of light that can focus (as a flexo or light adjustable), and a board where you can leave notes, a whiteboard or vinyl paper on which to write, and a rug. You will not need anything else. Well, a table and a chair, of course.

Nor do you have to believe that the place to work is necessarily a shared space within a room. If there is a room “to spare”, you can always do a great work space in which they are computers, study tables for your children, a corner for paperwork and multiple storage space.

The cables, papers, screens, books, everything can be reflected in a perfect order or disorder and a touch of color stationery accessories in the office, or textiles, you will work in color surrounded This will increase your positive energy, improve the environment of your home and be successful decorative all.

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