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The colonial style is the architectural and decorative style with which the people who came from the big cities decorated their houses in the colonies. The large number of colonies that gradually would lead this furniture had to build in those places, thus making a fusion between western and eastern elements. This colonial style has never gone out of fashion, because the truth is that even today there are many shops that specialize in this type of furniture.

colocial style

Maybe use due to the warmth, simplicity and comfort, aspects of this type of furniture that combine the simplicity, innovation and pure lines in Western culture with the materials, craftsmanship and exotic finishes typical of oriental culture. We can talk like a mixed style of great beauty.

Wood is the material par excellence in furniture and colonial environments. Thus, besides the different furniture, we can see it on walls or floors, but can also be used tiled floors or other material to contrast the wood furniture.

colonial style

Taking wood as essential, there are many other materials that can be used to combine, such as steel or forging.

As for the textile, transparencies are greatly appreciated, especially in the curtains. Also, it is common to find fabrics such as linen, raffia or any other that is, above all, natural. In the bathrooms we can always use towels with some lace, the result is ideal.

The rugs are usually long and abundant hair, but also used plant fibers. Above all, we need these elements provide warmth to the whole. As for the decorations, you can use chests, screens, iron lamps, chandeliers, antique paintings, or forging based components and wicker. Wanted and elements that can bring personality to the room.

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