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In a villa as minimalist design like this, we get a surprise. The living room, connected to the terrace by large windows, it was decorated with the criteria that were to be expected after seeing the spectacular exterior design and straight lines and sober materials and light, neutral colors. It made the interior an exercise in classicism without losing content radically modern style that permeates throughout.

classic home designThe volume corresponding to the living room is neatly placed between windows that overlook the landscape sides, looks like it’s hung or suspended in a line on the horizon. No blinds or shutters, light is screened with a screen type white blinds when not only are displayed on the white line of the window frame.

The floor of the terrace was coated wood slats cumaru visually extending inland, where the type of wood changes to a merbau decking but cutting and maintaining the same color. The profiles of the woodwork is inlaid in the floor so that nothing prevents traffic from inside to outside. The garden furniture is backlit and creates a spectacular night lighting while simplifying maintenance and order on the terrace.

The two mirror twin consoles that were placed behind the sofas, the tufted upholstered bench and metallic silver finish on the base unit which houses the TV express the mixture of classic and contemporary finishes very luxurious. The walls remained on target that permeates the entire building and combined palette of black, silver, dark gray upholstery and means for the rest of the furniture. The carpet, soft feeling, long hair is silky effect.

To decorate the room furnishings were chosen with a classical style but updated. The sofas are a traditional version of chester sofa upholstered in gray silk velvet, the chairs have a classic design inspired by the Louis XV but are black lacquered and upholstery with a modern black and white stripes. The coffee table is a design that I really like: oak staves lacquered high gloss black on a light structure of stainless steel.

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