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Television series can be a great source of inspiration alternative to decorating magazines and websites. In today’s post we are going to present the decorative style of New York penthouse where Blair Waldorf character lives, one of the stars of the hit series Gossip Girl. This television production tells the stories of a wealthy group of friends and their families, all residents in the exclusive Upper East Side neighborhood.

classice decor

Blair Waldorf and her mother, a renowned fashion designer in fiction, belong to a distinguished and conservative extended family. In line with these features, the interior of the set designers have opted for a classic and elegant decorative style that denotes luxury but also tasteful. All this in a modern key.

We begin our analysis by reviewing the decorative elements of the living room. Of course you can not miss the presence of woods (cherry, beech or oak), both the furniture and the parquet flooring. Also featuring columns with Corinthian capitals framing the entrance to the hall, a hallmark of the classic style. The shades of cream and toast prevailing in the room are also features and warm lighting and low intensity. The presence of the piano as a decorator is another proposal that combines perfectly with the surroundings.

If we look at Blair’s bedroom, two of the details that help to give a touch of classicism to the camera are the delicate carpet and chandelier shaped lamp. The blue color of the wall brings to life the intimate room and an air, and fire, and the armchair chaise longue, two additional supplements classic dial.

Finally, we can not forget the detail of the curtains, present in both rooms and protagonists of this type of decoration. Also, the entire duplex has both classic finishes in doorways, as baseboards, cornices and decorative moldings on the ceiling.

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