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The bedroom of a more classic style are preferred by people who want to make them a haven of peace and tranquility. Sometimes we get to decorate our home a contrast to the urban world around us daily, increasingly technological and cold. Use rustic touches, furniture and traditional colors, we used to find that personal corner, perhaps a return to our roots or our childhood.

classic bedroomFor a more classic decor, the main thing is to use wood as a key element of our furniture finish. In the modern decor is also used, but less often, usually combined with other synthetic elements. The shades of brown, and will be the most common in a classic bedroom, but also suitable are white and blue. In general, it is better to choose pastel colors for both the different elements of the bedroom to painting the walls.

The drawers, hairdressers, etc., May have different motives carved. Besides wood, other materials commonly used in this kind of furniture as well as chairs, wicker is, I will definitely send the rural world and the past of our parents and grandparents.

If we go back even further, we can go to the Louis XVI or rococo decoration: a style from France that has gone down in history as a symbol of elegance and distinction. We can use it throughout the house, in the bedroom, we can express it by large headboards for bed and curved elements.

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