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How often have you dreamed of coming home and taking a bath extra long? The idea is to totally relax and leave behind the bad day you had. If you have some space in your bathroom, installing a tub or better yet a jacuzzi. Have you ever seen a jacuzzi-or rather, a whirlpool tub with built-in TV? Do not be surprised too, there are even models with 42-inch screens and sound system. What better than a bath enjoying your favorite series?

Classic and Modern Jacuzzi

Tubs and Jacuzzis classic

If you have a free corner in your bathroom (you help save space) you can take it with a model like this oval whirlpool tub by Duravit. The material is used to build fiberglass for their ability to stay clean.

Maybe you’re looking to serve you as well as for tub shower tub. How about this Whirlpool model? The doors are made of tempered glass.

Wooden tubs and jacuzzis

Other models that are very popular are those covered in wood that give a very natural, so that you sit in the open and in direct contact with nature. The disadvantage is that generally the cost is higher. You get a unique atmosphere as this!

In this case, has been combined with other furniture that have the same coating, but the trends allow us to play with different textures. For example, stone, ceramic, wood, marble or granite coexist in perfect harmony if you can use them.

What you have to know is that hot tubs are varied in both models, as you may have noticed, and size (there as much for one person to several) and features. The central idea is to handle several streams that ejected with some force (which you choose) giving a “water massage” through electric valves.

If you decide on a worry for the shape and size. It should be comfortable enough to fulfill its main objective: to relax. Some even use it for medical purposes, hence the famous hydrotherapy. That is why they have become so popular.

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