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Within the structure and design of a garden, the paths that pass through are important. Gardening generally taken as fundamental elements in relation to the divisions and sectors that are created in the garden. Roads can be of different forms. One of the most important differences between the various types of trails that can be built, is the importance and location of each. The main roads, those who are busiest and direct to the home or different constructions of the land, should be more resistant and durable than the secondary roads less traveled and those hidden, which lead to more distant areas or private garden.

stone pathWithin the main roads, one of the most notable is the stone road. Usually, the main paths in a garden made ​​of concrete or tile, as to the stone paths are also suitable for this role, with a significant burden and rustic aesthetic, besides being much cheaper than the others.

Construction of the stone path

For starters, the materials that can produce the stone path are: marble stones, limestones, granites, basalts and sandstones.

It is very important that the stones have an important thickness, otherwise, the fragility stone drawback to acquire a function of the main road. In turn, the broken stones also lose strength we seek, we must work carefully to avoid it.

It is advisable that the stones used to be placed with a minimum of a ten cm. The arrangement of the stones is the fundamental task for which all depends on the terrain is made and can only advise having the smooth edge contours are used in the path.

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