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Cabinet doors Bamboo offers an alternative option for the renovation of a house. The distinct look and green benefits of this building material make it an attractive option for a growing segment of homeowners. Read on to see if the bamboo is ideal for your cabinet door needs.

Benefits of Bamboo

Why choose bamboo for housing rehabilitation? It can be considered a weed, but bamboo is not a weak building material. It offers many advantages in building cabinets for home styles.

bamboo cabinetDurability

Bamboo is a hard and tough. This is beneficial for cabinets that open, close and hit often. When harvested at maturity, bamboo is as strong and durable as many wood cabinet doors. Bamboo is also said to resist moisture better than hardwood. Experience less shrinkage and expansion of pests that sometimes wooden doors.


Choosing Bamboo cabinets also benefits the environment. Many hardwood trees used for wood traditionally take decades to reach a ripe old age. Bamboo has a short 5-6 years to reach maturity. Even better, when the stems of bamboo plants are harvested, immediately start the regeneration of new shoots. These facts make bamboo a green option for improvement projects for the home, such as cabinets.

The choice of bamboo cabinet doors

If you choose bamboo is for you, the next step is to choose the door you want. Both in style and cost factor in decision making.


A tropical style home is not the only place for bamboo cabinets. While the material lends itself to the doors enjoying the feeling of the tropics, there are many other style options to suit different households. Classic and modern styles of cabinets in different shades are available in bamboo. The doors usually come in the edge grain and options for both levels of grain, giving greater distinction in the final appearance. Cabinet doors made of bamboo and work in kitchens, bathrooms and other rooms of the house. Consider the style of your home when you select the style of the bamboo cabinet doors you want to buy.


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