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Decorating is not easy, that’s for sure, have a clear idea about what we are seeking is complicated, this is one of the reasons why I decided to write this post, to unveil some ideas on decorating bathrooms Child Pay attention! A correct combination of colors is essential in a good decoration, whether living, dining, bedroom or bathroom, this is the starting point. It is usual to choose the colors you like and if we talk about children, as rosy for the girl and blue for the child, I think it was good before, but now there is so many colors that I think should be more daring.

Child Bathrooms Decoration

As we can see, many designers agree on the use of strong colors, now that’s hot neon colors why not suit the decor? Risk is difficult, I know, that’s why I show pictures of various types of decoration so you can see the end result before you do at home.

If we are talking about a bath for children, recommended – though that you really like, is to have white walls, because we all know how kids are, so I show different color options.

Bathrooms designs for girls

If you’re looking for something more conservative but modern and especially something that denotes your femininity more cocky, because I found a good example. As you can see the raw color is rosewood, but to give a modern twist on the seats we can see a combination with orange Nothing wrong, is not it? If you want to innovate a little accessories you can choose other colors such as the bathroom floor or shower curtain, etc..

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