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To succeed with the choice of home insurance, you must know exactly what coverage you’re hiring. This requires devoting some time to studying the conditions of the policy and avoid surprises later. It is essential to know what damages are covered. Following leakage of water include lightning, hail, rain and floods. Also the broken windows, doors and windows. Glass, marble and appliances. Do you make a floor like a brand new second hand old house? No. The low insurance rates depending on the age of the house and whether or not the habitual residence.

cheapest home insuranceThe insurance rate low by the age of the house and if habitualDe residence Similarly the amount of compensation, which depends on the insurer. The average is around 400 euros. Some pay less in terms of damage and others reach triple this amount.

The home insurance is mandatory in some European countries like France, in Switzerland even requiring those seeking to rent a home. In the United Kingdom, and Spain, not mandatory.

In Cáceres, Sevilla and Cadiz are the provinces with more loss ratio at home. Lleida, Huesca Soria and are among the least. Madrid is two points above the national average.

How to deal with a disaster?

The Organisation of Consumers and Users (OCU) insist that if a home is insured, this should take care of everything.

If we are to blame for the damage, the company will repair it at our house and the neighbor’s affected. Also, if the damage we caused a neighbor without policy, our insurance will cover it and then try to cause facturárselo.

In any case, there are specific aspects to keep in mind when choosing a particular company, this or that own insurance. These are, according to Zoopla:

* Read all the fine print and clauses in the contract, and question anything you do not understand. The latter is important to avoid disgutos.

* Compare prices, coverages, limitations and exclusions between different companies. If you’re not convinced the offer of a company or the insurance agent will not instill confidence, do not settle and find another company or professional that gives you more security.

* Check how the insurance will replace the objects, and what process is the insurance company to respond to any casualty or theft. Depending on your contract, it will replace the damaged well with the object of equal or similar quality or with cash. All this information must be in writing.

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