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The main area of ​​a home is undoubtedly the room, of course, assuming this is a conventional house, like most of those in which each of us vive.Y is that this is where we usually receive most people and is therefore the first to be displayed by each of possible visitors. Therefore, the choice of each of the components of this room should be carefully studied before considering them part of the decor.

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One of these components is the main carpet, usually one that stands at the center of this room and in most cases has a table top that is part of the entire living room set. To select the right carpet, we must take into account many important aspects. One of them is without doubt the combination of colors that geste with the rest of the decor, and the style has been applied in this environment.

Remember also that carpet materials determine the value and durability of it, so keep in mind when choosing one. The most common are wool, cotton, silk and nylon, and the most desirable are the Persians. The carpets came into use since the 70s are long haired and are still using, as its soft and thick fibers properly insulate the soil temperature.

When choosing a rug for the living room, we also have to see what we want to look at the room as geometric or floral designs can become a sober contribution to that space. Also take care that the carpet patterns, both in form and in their sizes, will not clash with any decor, and we know too colorful prints will definitely draw the attention of everyone, so we must be sure that are appropriate.

If you have a carpet that stands out for its design, not cover it with furniture or anything like that and let it shine in the main room of your house.

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