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Every corner of the house can get a special charm, with simple things can make a radical change in the interior decoration. Decorate the venue with candles and flowers. You can use glass containers such as vases, bowls or sources, they can place flowers, petals or shells. You can also put in a fine sand accompanying glass container with a candle, when you turn each candle will give a soft light and delicate to the chosen spot.

charming cornerThe windows are also a good place to decorate, you can put a candle in a container and you can turn the night to bring a touch of romanticism that often seek to relax.

Once again we speak of candles as a good choice for home decoration, we can have soft lighting and romantic, ideal to highlight those dark corners of the house.

We can use them as a centerpiece, accompanied by flowers or stones that will give a special touch to the decor.

They are easy to get and do, candles are a good stress relief, when we make a candle can choose the color and flavor we like.

They are ideal for a romantic table and can be used as souvenirs at a wedding or a special party.

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