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The tiles are one of the ways that give more personality to the kitchen, whether traditional or modern. With them we can give it luminosity of a particular style or make it a welcoming place. We must choose them carefully, therefore, and for this the first thing is to know the different types that exist. Consider the most common:

ceraamic tiles* Ceramics is the material most frequently found in both the kitchen and in the bathroom, because of its resistance. Cleaning is simple and its surface tends to produce a higher brightness.

* Mosaic: a cover version of a smaller size than the previous. Its main advantage is its adaptability: are designed to make it easier to put on curved surfaces or more irregular than usual.

* Polystyrene is a material that condenses the heat, making it ideal for home kitchens or cold areas. It should be an important caution: Always buy a type nonflammable. They are easy to cut and adapt to the ways we want.

* Tile / terracotta: both refer to an artisan workmanship, which are adequate if we give our kitchen a rustic or traditional. We must keep in mind that placement is more complicated, and its surface is porous.

* Stone: the quintessential traditional material. Your placement will require a more lengthy process than terracotta, but with them we can get results much more artistic and natural.

Depending on the type of tile you choose, we can choose to add various details to give vent to our creativity: motifs painted by ourselves or with insert, vinyl stickers or borders.

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