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Canopy beds are preferred by girls of all ages, and is nothing like a nice bed with curtains to add a distinctive touch to the decor and romantic. The problem is that most of the time these beds are expensive or simply already have a good bed and not a thing to get rid of it. Do not have to resign to have ordinary bedroom, because with a few materials you can create your own princess bed with canopy color and style of your choice. Here we give you some ideas.

canopy beds

The easiest way to have your canopy bed is installing curtain rods on the ceiling around the perimeter of the bed. These curtain rods you can get them at any store, are lightweight and easy to install. Furthermore, the curtains hanging from the ceiling will add a touch more romantic to your room. After installing, just buy the fabric for curtains color you want, you can even set you valances. For best effect, you can paint the inside of the curtain rods on the bed of a similar color to the curtains.

There are many variations of this idea. Some have installed only two long curtain rods on the sides of the bed and put a border on each end and the curtains in the corners. You can also place a small one at the top of the bed to create a headboard very nice curtains.

Another option to make your own bed canopy is to use a large round bracket on the ceiling above the bed, where the curtain is suspended and will fall on the bed. Similarly, place a curtain rod on the bed, in the center, you will place a long cloth that covers the bed which is particularly useful for those beds located next to a wall. As you can see, there are many options and all very simple, so get to work: you can have the room of your dreams without spending a fortune!

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