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Every time you clean the canals and ditches for the garden, on the banks builds mud taken from the bottom, along with leaves, seeds and other materials, eventually forming an annoying and ugly smelly pile of brush and debris that later or later have to be removed to not convert the stream into a dangerous trap for people and animals.

garden canalsOf course, the job is always heavy, not to mention that the width and depth of the canal will increase every time you repeat the cleaning operation:

To remove just the right amount and necessary waste and, secondly, to incorporate the environment ditches as decorative elements that embellish the plot, it only takes creativity. Use these winter months that cut the flow of water, to implement some of the methods that we suggest to redesign ditches or uneven terrain advantage, build small waterfalls, fountains and corners of aquatic vegetation.

A simple coating

A material that is easy to get and very decorative stone is bolón or river stone, although it is more suitable for large ditches and channels. Boulders are coated with the floor and walls of the watercourse, making sure shoes are firmly attached and cement.

You can also engage in a brick tax ditch, putting one lying on the bottom and two houses on either side, to cover throughout. There are also prefabricated gutters measuring 20 by 20cm, cost about 1650 pesos, plus VAT, meter, and can be found in stores selling building materials.

It is important to consider that at the points where the paths cross ditches and roads of the plot should be used asbestos cement pipes about 40cm in diameter, although this depends on your specific needs, so that allows the movement of people and vehicles safely:

A rare material is also used in the past to cover the ditches: clay tiles, building on the inside curve, such as exist in Lota Park, but today is a method almost forgotten.
The ground level

If there is unevenness in the ground, the better, because you can play with that factor in the ditch building small, medium-or large waterfalls, you will enjoy not only a beautiful view, but also ‘a pleasant and relaxing sound.

But a new element is installed in a ditch during a simple pool of water, which may or may not fall under a building on a slope: The pond can be cement or plastic, it is important to take advantage, putting inside aquatic plants like lotus or papyrus, and its edges ferns and plants that are related to water. Surrounded by a low wall and rustic or just with stones of different sizes, the effect will be even more beautiful. Another good idea is the extension of a ditch at a point of its course to build a small shallow pond, also surrounded by plants and stones that simulate a natural-which will serve as a store that carries waste water, leaving clear and clean.

If you experience the problem of getting water from a canal to a ditch located on higher ground, the solution will be very practical and impress, visitors: Install a water mill to raise the lowest level at most high, resulting in passing a special touch to your plot. More ambitious is the possibility, even, of using the water-mill with patience and dedication that can be built in the traditional way-as an energy source.
Not many owners of land of pleasure that have decided to channel the ditches and create these beautiful places. However, those who dared to do take pride in their work, so pleasing to the eye, and not have to suffer every season with the cleanliness of the water courses. Why can not you accept the challenge? This task is not as complicated and as land is rather small extensions, the cost is not too high.

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