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The few meters from a house need not be synonymous with disorder or crowded spaces, because a proper distribution and choosing the right furniture can help us to have everything in order and also create a feeling of spaciousness. If we talk about the bathroom, we found various care items (towels, bathrobes, creams, perfumes, hair dryer, etc), which we organize. And this task becomes a “problem” if your bathroom is small (common in flats). This is the moment when we must use small corners to place a decorative and useful cabinet in which to store whatever you normally use.

cabinets for small bathroomComposition modular cabinets

As always, Ikea brings very practical and ingenious solutions, as the modular cabinet for the bathroom. On one wall (apparently useless), you can hang a selection of modules, with doors and drawers.

Often furniture that are not initially designed for the bathroom, can be adapted for this purpose perfectly, so if you do not have an Ikea in your city, you can choose similar models (very fashionable at present) will surely find in other decorating stores.

Remember that the modules must always keep the same aesthetic and be light colored, and with drawers and / or glass doors to lighten the space, providing clarity and spaciousness.

Everything in sight and metal

Only suitable for the more ordered, and still is an option that should not rule out if your bathroom is too small. The height of this unit, and the multiple shelves and drawers to organize large amount of toiletries in it.

Lacking doors and walls, allows the passage of light and lightens the space. And last but not least, you can coordinate them with useful shelves (also metal) placed above the toilet. A space better utilized impossible, is not it?

Versatile and decorative at the same time

Lockers “hanging” are the most effective when it comes to saving space. One must meet two requirements: be light colored and glass doors, to avoid overloading the atmosphere.

Better yet is to choose a model like the picture (or colonial country style), with a decorative molding that serves as a shelf, to place candles, jars, etc., and with hangers (always useful to place towels or bathrobe).

Take full advantage Cabinets

Who said a narrow closet was not useful? That little space between the sink and the wall is the ideal place for a closet (however small it may be). Will compensate the lack of space with drawers (such as kitchen cabinets), which will be much easier to place and organize all cleaning supplies). These drawers located at the bottom and leaves the upper shelves for organizing towels.

Analyzes the needs of those who habitually use the bathroom, look at the space and planning solutions, I’m sure you’ll soon find the wardrobe that best suits the style and meter of this room in your home.

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