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One of the main points to keep in mind when purchasing a potted plant is the kind that keep you there. Needless to say, the size of the plant will determine the size of the pot, however, often do not have the necessary information from the plant that will place there, which is why we tell about it as it can grow more than think and grow less than expected. In turn, there are plants that are best maintained with roots closer together than others, so although it is a large plant, a pot girl can be as practical and functional to the growth and health of the plant.

buying a potAlso, always come into play personal and aesthetic tastes, so that the material and the shapes of the pots will be chosen according to our tastes. Go ahead noting the different materials that are made usually the pots.

Potting materials

The clay-based pots are perhaps the most common. Anyway, they are very heavy and fragile, while, in warm dry quickly. This may go back to clay pots ideal for succulents (eg cacti).

On the other hand we find the plastic pots or pots of resin, which are quite light and resistant to external factors. In turn, also have the advantage of being economic pots. These pots are not porous, still good for plants that require regular wet substrates.

As for the terracotta pots can say they are the nicest in the aesthetic. This material is nice and warm, but not a very strong material.

Finally found the concrete or stone planters and wooden planters. In the case of wood is also a very good material on the decorative background, but must be careful of preservatives and waterproofing, if not deteriorated. The concrete or stone planters, however, are the most rugged and durable, good for rustic settings.

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