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When we talk about the best conditions for the growth and health of a plant, we emphasize all external factors that influence the vegetation. The climate, the atmosphere, soil type, etc.., Are all factors that must be taken into account by the very health of the plants.

plant conditionsIf the only reason to choose a plant is its aesthetic charge, no effective result if environmental conditions are ripe for its care and maintenance. In this regard, we recommend evaluating all these conditions when deciding on a plant species.

The light, temperature, moisture, soil type, are all elements that you must evaluate prior to the election of a flower, and a tip to it accordingly. Here we review some plant species are characterized by adaptability to different environments, in any case, you should also analyze the conditions of your garden.

Plant Species

We will not list a lot of plants, but we will focus on some particular. We begin with some highlights where different green tones and ranges: first the Ficus benjamina as the main standard variety, on the other hand, also the different varieties of Begonias and MadroƱos, among which stand out the Rex and Arbutus unedo, respectively.

As colorful plants, referring to begin Phoenix Roebelenii beautiful and the Kentias. Both two floors with elegant and beautiful flowers, besides being optimal for sites not brightly lit, and be resistant. Last, we also recommend the Mascarena, lagenicaulis Hyophrbe variety.

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