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The walls of these types of bathtubs are made of glass and the impression given is more than bath tank. Something unconventional to the bath house. This is a design solution to an American architect who is shown as a new concept in bathtub. The glass wall makes and contains water, clear as glass of an aquarium. The water collects and can be viewed from outside in the whole extension of the tub, as if this had not a physical limit for transparency. You see the bathroom walls, floor and water that collects in the glass that serves as a subtle. Check the contents published on bathrooms, follow the link, is a list of relevant postings sorted for easy reference.

bathtub remodelingBath as transparent glass like an aquarium
It is an alternative for those seeking modern as bathtubs. Installing sophisticated most likely begin to see in residences and hotels, it is sophisticated and aesthetic. You can set a trend. It certainly is a bathroom design idea very inspiring, also an expression of luxury for the home.

There is a bathtub as for anyone, but if there are several people who like a good idea and get personalized bath made a similar personal enjoyment. Transparent Bath, Tub aquarium, so far only has a descriptive name.

The tub sophisticated as the image above is for people, not an aquarium, but the health of the images below themselves were conceived with the additional function of aquarium.

Render transparent Aquarium Sink
It’s funny what you can get to see nowadays in original designs for bathrooms. The second image is a render of sink with aquarium included.

Toilette with backpack tank aquarium
One company even produced the toilet you see in the picture above, with large backpack tank also meets function fishbowl. The water drops to half of the height of the tank in each discharge. Production has been discontinued, served the company to produce a significant impact on the news and become known in the market.

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