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After spending hours outside my house, I need to go back to it to find my center of balance. Disconnect everything and leave the movement and chaos of my daily life between work, travel by bus, noise and more. For this, I have a set of routines to return to a state of balance that allows me to start the next day. For this, one of the things I like to do is take a little time to take a bath at my own pace: slow to relax. And for the moment and engreĆ­rnos improve a little, we have many models faucets showers that make our task easier, besides giving a super look to this space. So I bring a note showing the advantages of the latest models, we will see!

Bathroom Shower Designs

Prettiest models fitting!


One model that I think is super convenient that we can move at will. This model phone or hand shower that features a flexible tube, easy to use from a high place or manually. The best thing is that their models are characterized by modern super transparent or metallic like having a total clean design.

Spanish Shower

But if we want to be more classic and we would feel the force of the rain on our skin, then the model is perfect Spanish shower. The material is metallic and always have great size that gives you the power to instantly relax. are also precious in the bathrooms with its simple and elegant style.

Recessed Shower

And another that has the same effect, but it is much more sophisticated model is built shower to the ceiling or wall. The effect is surprising and is used to decorate the most luxurious bathrooms in the world. Also usually accompanied with a full engineering recessed lights that have a very nice visual effect and create “the environment” to be in sync.

Finally, I recommend that consider remodeling your bathroom, as it is one of the places that restores energy, feel and be clean to go out into the world with all the necessary energy.

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