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rugs for bathroomThe bathroom is perhaps the most intimate room of the house, and it is here where you can completely reflect the personality of those who live in that home. Therefore, their care and detail when decorating will be necessary to give the right impression we want to give our potential visitors. As in the other rooms of the house, decorating the bathroom should follow a pattern that fits properly the colors, materials and shapes of each of the accessories and materials we install it.

Carpets not only be located in the living room, dining room or bedroom, but can cover the entire area of ​​the bathroom floor, which will provide a sense of comfort to all who use it, but we must be careful in its maintenance.

But we also find small pieces scattered as specific areas of the bathroom, for example, to the output of the bathtub or shower, under the sink or at the base of the toilet, the toilet or bidet.

The thing to remember is that we put carpet in the bathroom should be made ​​just for this room, as the constant humidity of this room may deteriorate rapidly if not designed for it.

Remember that the colors and designs used in carpets, they might keep pace with toilet covers, from the top of the toilet water tank of the same or even shower curtains.

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