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What is your idea of ​​the perfect bathroom? If you have ever considered remodeling your bathroom, you should know that bathroom framing is the basic element of a successful remodel. Bathroom framing refers to the construction of the “skeletons” for the features you want to install, such as partition walls, shower stalls, closets, windows and openings. There are a variety of accessories in a typical bathroom, and most of them can be installed with a good knowledge of bathroom framing. Once you know the basics of bathroom framing, you can transform your bathroom into an attractive, convenient and comfortable space for the whole family.

bathroom remodeling

As with any project of home improvement, planning is the most important phase for the development of your bathroom. Proper planning can mean the difference between a functional and well-built bathroom and a bathroom that requires frequent repair and maintenance. While you take the time to do it right the first time, not having to worry about constantly making minor adjustments or temporary fixes to small problems, or worse, having to tear the whole thing down and start over. Do not rush the planning of the development of your bathroom project. Of course, you want to have ready your new bathroom as soon as possible, but remember that if you rush through the job, will not have much time to enjoy your new bathroom from all the problems that have .

First, you want to have a firm idea of ​​what your bathroom should be something like when finished, it will help you predict to install bathroom framing. You may be able to do this in your head, but it’s a better idea to use pictures to help you visualize your new bathroom. Look through home building and magazines, do some research online, and check your local newspaper to see if they have a section of home improvement. You may also be able to find home improvement television show drawing room and bathroom remodeling, which will help you see that your project should be addressed.

Once you have decided on a vision for the bathroom, it’s a good idea to do some sketches for their own use. You do not have to be an artist or an architect, because his drawings do not have to be perfect. However, you can mark in paper that we need the development of your bathroom, and make sure to leave enough space to record the measurements taken to ensure successful bathroom remodeling. Plan where the shower will, any partition walls, and even the opening of the window. Measure the actual space in the bathroom, or the location where you want to install a new bathroom, and write everything down carefully.


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