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The porcelain to coat surfaces (floors and walls) especially in the bathroom has become incredibly popular. Why? It lasts a long time maintaining a perfect appearance and found in different models and sizes so there will always be for everyone. We talked to Maria Del Carmen Delfino, architect and professor of interior architecture and extension of Toulouse Lautrec, who gave us more scope on this coating for our bathroom.

bathroom porcelaineSo we can conclude is even higher than ceramic coating (which is at a lower temperature), so its price is usually higher too. At the moment you have to decide your decor, take this into account. The porcelain will last longer and better withstand high temperatures and cleaning products, as well as the hits. Another detail is that it is almost impossible to scratch.

As you might be imagining to have a very low water absorption, not allow fungi to flourish.

Models porcelain bathroom

This is another great advantage. Find models look so different, both in texture, shape and color you will be hard to decide. This largely depends on the decorating style you want for your bathroom (minimalist, rustic, modern, vintage, etc..). Remember, the idea is to get a sense of relaxation.

To begin then, find porcelain matte or glossy. What do you prefer? The mate is very fashionable in recent years and the dust is not noticed as much as the bright. In Peru Sodimac stores like Casinelli have many models or porcelain. In the U.S., stores like Home Depot are great for getting the porcelain you’re looking for.

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