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It is normal that over the years the decor of our home comes to tire. Seeing our house for a long time with the same appearance, causes us to stop finding the warm and friendly atmosphere that must be our home. Some environments are more “easy” to renovate and redecorate others. In a living room or in the bedroom, paint, furniture and / or new textiles can change the look of the space.

bathroom new lookHowever, there are other more complicated as kitchens or bathrooms, in recent necessarily think we have no reason to change the tiles and flooring. We can replace or include other elements such that the reform is much easier and less expensive, as we detail below:

* Earn light with a glass partition.

Replace the curtain or partition (or middle septum) that separates the shower or tub, for a fixed panel of clear glass, helps multiply the feeling of space and light.

Recreational we mention glass screen having a tempering treatment furnace, and resists between 8 to 10 times more than the ordinary glass, the laminate carrying a plastic sheet in between, which makes the breaking small crystals will not fall, thus avoiding accidents and acrylic methacrylate is more rigid plastics are known and almost irromplibles, but have the disadvantage of aging before the account.

* Replace toilets.

Change the toilet and bidet is easy if you choose models similar measures not involving masonry. Square models are trend lines decorating bathrooms.

If you replace your toilet, you decantarte suspended models, which can be placed at the desired height (very useful if you have mobility problems) floor toilets with concealed cistern wall or attached (the most common) , are the easiest to install.

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