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When one asks to put a bathroom cabinet suspended in your bathroom can be for two reasons: the first just for aesthetics, since they are quite cute and minimalist style bathroom. The second option is usually a space theme. Although actually occupy the same space as a bathroom cabinet that reaches the ground, whether it’s a small room, a bathroom cabinet suspended brings more lightness to the bathroom decor.

bathroom furniture

The suspended bathroom furniture usually have one or two drawers and can measure from 60 inches wide up to 120 inches wide, although it is recommended that if you choose a bathroom cabinet suspended it is not too bulky weight because they bear with which the hangers are attached to the cabinet wall.

For available models, the bathroom furniture suspended generally enjoy a contemporary style and modern lacquered colors normally, so that we can bring a touch minimalist decor of our bathroom.

When winter comes, it begins to be too much moisture in the atmosphere and the bathrooms are usually mostly poorly ventilated. For this reason, it is usual that the used towels not dry quickly or even not at all come to dry between uses. For this reason, they are quite useful towel warmers which have emerged on the market.

There are a variety of models, styles and prices, some getting itself to resemble a piece of furniture that is part of the decor of the bathroom. Normally, LVC (only about 100 watts), and are designed to take up minimal space in the bathroom. There are some models available in the market in various colors, this useful system to adapt to the existing decor in the bathroom.

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