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When we begin to decorate a bathroom or think about how we can reform the first thing is to choose the tiles or coating that seems most appropriate. These will largely set the style of the bathroom, the colors that dominate … The next step is to choose the healthcare for which we must take into account the available space and design we are looking for. Only when these two steps comes time to decide how we are going to put the bathroom cabinet. To take this last step we have to take into account the capacity we have, how much space you have available …

bathroom decorationIf you look at the avant-garde baths proposed for the Italian firm Alessi Laufen we find small furniture and flown in all cases. Such designs are perfect for small bathrooms, as no bulky feeling cramped or give.

Finally, the firm MAPINI always a safe bet for the design. Among its collections find modular furniture that can adapt to any extent, making them very useful. In IKEA shelves are specialists and occasional furniture for the bathroom that can be placed near the shower, over the toilet … Thus we take much more space and are cheaper to not go to far.

We may also use the bank MOLGER series and decorate our home with baskets and boxes they will have everything perfect for effortless order.

We can also customize each piece choosing different finishes (matt lacquers, high gloss lacquers ..) and colors.

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