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Most of us spend much time in the bathroom and this small room can often change our mood completely. In the bathroom can also relax and relieve at night after a hectic day at work. Therefore, we need a few minutes and an ideal decoration to create an environment that gratifies us

Here are some tips and suggestions for decorating the bathroom and toilet:

bathrrom decoration tips

When choosing the style we must consider our personality, and from there create a modern, minimalist or one where you only have the essentials. Others, meanwhile, prefer to opt for a romantic style furniture and prefer more “heavy”.

Before you take this point very clear, and it will determine the location of windows, and artifacts. Note that you can change the decorations every year, but the arrangement of artifacts is an issue that will require changing pipes and others … that inevitably take time to work.

There are details that may change during the year or just when we get tired of seeing them. For example in spring one can choose curtain with nice flowers and add artifacts which match the color of the same, such as soap or towels. These things can be changed without the need for too much money, it’s a matter of taste than an economic issue.

A lot of us like change often because it creates an element of surprise, bringing excitement to our lives.

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