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With a few simple decorating ideas, you can decorate a bathroom to make it a cheerful place, large or small, have window or not. Visit the large stored as Ikea also awaken your imagination.

1 – The small size of most bathrooms, means you can paint the walls yourself, without having to use the services of professional painters. Before you start decorating your bathroom, clean the walls very well and make sure they are dry.

bathroom decorating ideas2 – Choose a light color to paint the walls of the bathroom: this will give light, which is important especially if the bathroom does not have an outside window. If you like white, but want to experiment with other colors, can be painted half white and half another color. Or paint the walls white, and then sticking an adhesive strip or a row of tiles for bathrooms at the same height on all four walls, or simply painting a line of about 15 cm in height in a strong color at the same height on all walls. This allows you to have a contrasting color that will be helpful when choosing accessories.

3 – Choose the accessories according to the color that has been used to contrast the white walls. Floor mats, shower curtain, soap, toothbrushes boat, paper, accessories and rolls of paper towels – the toilet seat up if you want!

4 – Set at the foot of the toilet an attractive basket. Place into a fabric (again using the contrasting color of your color scheme) and then a few rolls of paper.

5 – cheer plants inside the bathrooms and are an inexpensive way to decorate. Place on shelves, or if none, then on a stool or a simple wooden box covered with a cloth. Choose leafy plants that do not need much light

6 – If you have a lot of room on shelves, other possible decorations for bathrooms include green antique bottles or glass jars full of colored salt, shells or pretty stones

7 – The sails are an attractive in bathrooms – and have a candle handy never hurts for a romantic bath or just relaxing. Place large candles in the corners of the bathroom or on the shelves, the window …

8 – Buy fun and colorful soaps. Coordinate the colors of the soaps with the color of the walls and candles. Pellets bath oil of different colors and cotton balls placed small baskets also serve to enliven the atmosphere.

9 – Buy towels fun, with bright colors and place them on a table or in a basket, folded over each other.

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