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When choosing the coating bath We are different questions. The reason is the wide range of materials and new trends that invite us to create truly innovative spaces as this home space increasingly becomes more important. Know what materials are used today to get current bathrooms, comfortable and stylish.

bathroom coating

* Marble: the best combination of beauty and strength. In a variety of colors ranging from bright white to the deepest black, fits all styles. If you go for this item, choose it with moisture treatment.

* Limestone: similar to marble is more porous, so it requires a stain treatment. The purest is white, but always slightly stained in shades of cream, red or gray.

* Slate: is the most impervious of all stones. It features anti-slip finish. The find color variations ranging from black to grayish blue, ideal for bathrooms zen style vanguard.

* Quartzite: moisture resistant, its natural roughness makes it a slip stone. It is tough, hard and non-porous. The classic shades are pink and yellow, but now you can find it in red or green, ideal for a swim to convey feeling cheerful energy.

* Natural wood: tropical varieties such as jatoba, teak, iroko or the IPE, are best resist the usual humidity the bathrooms. The novelty in this material is the use of more traditional such as oak, maple and beech.
Plywood: In its highest degree of hardness, can be used for bathing. This means that resist water, heat, wear and stains. The advantage of this variant (in addition to price), is that they require minimal maintenance.

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