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Ten occasion we referred Animal Print style in home decoration. It is a type of decoration that does not support average, or you like or do not like, or you love it or hate it, or you crazy or horrifies you. While it is normal to use Animal Print items in rooms like the bedroom or dining room, with more or less prominence, there are other places in the house where lovers of this decorative style can let their imagination.

bathroom animal print

The bathroom is a great place, especially if we have neutral bathrooms without too colorful. Those using white tiles and dark floors are ideal for this type of decoration.

As in the rest of the house, here we can use more or less strokes of these prints. From small trim in our towels with leopard or zebra funds, until completely impregnated textiles using these animal prints.

Another option, if the subject of nonwoven seduces us, is to use animal print in small decorative elements. For example, we can buy a set of bathroom with the typical soap and glass for toothbrushes or even the toilet brush.

As always, with this style is not good going over, because if we start mixing animal prints so frantic certainly more than one bathroom end up having a real zoo. Thus Shuffle space with which you count and do not be too ambitious in your quest decorative.

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