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If you’re tired of your curtains and always are looking for more to do vary, we offer bamboo shades. This ecological material not only lets help not polluting the planet, but I will add that touch of relaxation you are looking to find home after a day of hard work.

bamboo decorationThere are a variety of bamboo shades, ranging from classic designs, no graphics or pictures, to prints with custom designs, through the bamboo leaves. It all depends on the room that will be used and the specific use of it, as if it’s a room you use to escape the world, the ideal would be curtains representing a sunset or a beach. Another option is to place a design of classical painting, like a Mona Lisa or Michelangelo’s David.

This option can be very positive curtains for kids room, as it not only adds a touch more fun for custom designs, but is presented as an alternative to commonly put posters in their bedrooms. Also, to decorate your room with these will give more light to enter your space for the material and cover your intimacy with the same efficiency as common curtains.

Bamboo as material is very noble, it does not require much maintenance, is very tough and durable for many years and also install the curtains at home is almost as simple as putting two nails in the wall and hang, they are lightweight. The curtains are made of bamboo fabric natural bamboo cane and cable, whose threads are suspended from a rod and hand painted on both sides. Give a new personality to your home using them.

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