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If you live in an apartment and the only place that you have to take a little air is the balcony, we will provide some tips for you to make the most of this space, which can be very attractive if we know promote. Although the form of construction of the balcony and materials may not be modified, we can also give our style.

Balconies: how to refresh its image

We can use for example to paint the floor of the balcony as it is an inexpensive way to change the image of this space, although it is important to do it carefully to avoid scratches and other damage to the surface.

If we want to achieve a little more privacy, we will solve the problem with bamboo. The loose and place we can buy us or directly use a company that is responsible for installing.

The awnings would be another good choice in the case of privacy, and protect us from the cold in winter. Place light fixtures, meanwhile, will also serve to give another image to the balcony.

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