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The apartments are often in serious disadvantages compared to houses with large gardens and plenty of space on the outside, but now that winter is approaching floors closed with small balconies have a clear advantage, because with little change can adapt to create a welcoming space, where it is possible to relax and read a good book, a cup of tea with a friend or simply relax enjoying the view of the city at night. Get inspired with these pictures and make your special space decorating the balcony.

balcon decoration

The first thing to do is define a function for the space: you have dinner on your balcony? Read? Talk to your friends?? A small office? Depending on this you can define the furniture. If you want to create a space where you can enjoy a snack or dinner, have a table and two chairs is ideal. If you want to read, a comfortable chair with some shelves could use for the space. However, since most closed balconies are longer than wide, could have both opposite ends environments.

The narrowness of the balcony can be a problem, as most of the common tables often remain very tight, the answer to this dilemma is simple: a folding table on the wall directly adapted save a lot of space, because you can easily deploy when needed. If you can not get one, then a coffee table light structure placed in the center of the hall with chairs on either side will come good. The chairs and tables are perfect high because optimize space without diminishing the comfort.

Measure the space nicely and furniture before bringing it home, because for a couple of inches that fantastic armchair could not enter. Another option is to make the perfect furniture. It is not expensive if you do it yourself with recycled materials, such as pallets.

Once you have the furniture, playing with colors. Add details such as cushions, books, rugs and even a small blanket to curl up on your couch. Do not forget the plants, is the perfect place to take them and add life to the space. If the weather allows it, or simply do not have “hand” for plants, cacti and other species choose to specify little care.

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