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The azalea or rhododendron indicum is also called a plant mainly outside, but if we choose a cool, very bright but not direct light and good ventilation in the house, we will see this plant bloom. It is a very showy plant with abundant flowers and large. Today we know more about this plant so you can decorate your home giving more life and joy to stay.

Azalea, a beautiful girl for the interior of your house
Sit an azalea

The flowers are bell-shaped and can be found in various colors like pink, white, red and orange. The leaves are small and very green with a strong stem. We have it in the house quietly, as though allergy does not have to be careful if you have pets, they are poisonous if ingested.

The plant, to be really outside, you need a very bright and fresh. We planted in late fall or early spring and it will choose a pot with holes that has good drainage. The land that we use should be more acidic with a pH 6 and can be moistened before placing the floor as the azalea loves moisture. Once planted there to cover it with bark mulch and a place to keep moisture around the earth. We prune when cutting flower longer suckers.

The maintenance of this plant is very simple, the main thing is to have the wet ground without encharcarla. Do not pour water on the leaves or flowers as only necessary pulverize the time of flowering. If possible, it is best to collect rainwater for irrigation because tap water has lime and can damage the plant.

Diseases and Solutions

Importantly, the azalea to prevent wilting or damaged and for that we will quote possible plant diseases:

– The bugs and mites usually appear in late spring, it is advisable to do so are fungicides.

– If you notice that the leaves are yellow is by watering with lime water. Try watering with rainwater or treat tap water.

– If the leaves are brown is a deficit irrigation, excess heat or also by lack of substrate, in this case takes the plant and dip it in water in a bucket or tub for twenty minutes, take it out and wrap it in newspaper , to spend the night. When cut flower Banala branches and once a week.

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