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A dead end, the stairwell or even a closet can enclose a surprising potential, they may become a small office. With the right furniture, an organizational strategy, and a few touches of style, any area can be functional and attractive.

home office

1. A secretaire cabinet type can help you turn that corner in an office, it would provide enough work space, storage place and even when not in use, this furniture will provide a much needed focal point at the end of a hallway. One would need to have a folding chair or light hand.

2. Take care of the lighting: if you have windows close then need a further auxiliary lamp head light, remember that your health need as much light as possible to read and write activities.

3. Storage space: install floating shelves to put all those things that you may need for your small office, from the printer, even folders and papers. Do not forget to place decorative details, sculptures, collectibles or whatever you want to customize it.

4. Find a nightstand or desk space proportional to, ie not too bulky. If you get a folding table, would be ideal. Enjoy the space below to place cabinets and other items.

5. Find the ideal chair: it depends on your taste and if you save it or you can leave it there all the time. If you should hide the chair, and a slight folding would be perfect.

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