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Want to look like an apartment of only 48 square meters may look large and spacious? Look at the pictures of this beautiful house that Queen white and light interior natural.La Nina Simon is the author of this incredible project. To do this you have removed almost all of the original apartment walls, leaving only a large living room and a bedroom with bathroom included. This smooth flow combined with the white ruling in the apartment are responsible for the amplitude that is seen in this apartment.

apartment interior designFrom the entrance of the white house invades us. Upon entering the apartment we see a long corridor whose walls are covered with white taffeta curtains. The lightness and relief they take us directly to the main part of the house.

One wall of the main hall is also decorated with shades of the same style of the aisle. I like the unit that transmits this detail. In other of the walls of the main space we see a great bioethanol fireplace. The combination of white and gray tones in the wall and hidden shelves above the fireplace there seem to me two very interesting ideas.

The delimitation of the kitchen with the living space is created with a special table. I do not know if you get to see in the pictures, but Nina has coated the workspace table with white tiles. An original detail and gives special charm to an object as mundane.

To continue the unity of which we spoke, countertop and sink are coated with the same material. This combination creates a wonderful harmony creating a dream kitchen. To complete the set, front appliances and furniture have a gray that matches perfectly.

The room also is another lovely place in which all are maximized centimeters. The furniture of this room are made as to what is taking every nook of the room, as the space below the windows, for example.

How about the apartment? I personally think these images we can draw several very special ideas to implement in our home, is not it?

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