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Anthony Baretta is one of the most renowned American interior. With his partner, William Diamond, created the interior design studio Diamond Baratta Design, which has garnered over 40 covers of the most prestigious magazines decor from AD, in House Beautiful, Interiors or La Mia Casa. Since his partner retired, Baratta has taken over the business and, under his name, signature delicious decorations, something extravagant, colorful and very fifties, where the blue sea, somewhere between turquoise and blue, plays a role.

rookm designAs you see, the trick is to smooth Baratta further marine shades with white, heavily used in carpentry and floor coverings and ceiling. The sinuous shapes of furniture, tables and chairs without aggression contrasted with the geometry of the carpets, most of them designed and edited by Lee Jofa Fabrics prestigious firms and Stark Carpet.

Another resource is to enter the blue klein in sumptuous fabrics, such as velvet sofas. The rest of the environment is neutral, with a touch of color splashing wildly stay. His style is impressive and provocative, especially in the seats, which are never traditional, but rare structures or even dysfunctional. The color is a must, but always clearly winning the blue comes in all decorations.

An American Style environment, bringing together a number of disparate contemporary elements: traditional sofas and armchairs, armchairs 50s, standing lamps with porcelain bell, a picture that could well be a Rothko, and a magnificent carpet of color strips , it seems that has nothing to do with the rest, but ultimately unites and sews all elements of the composition.

Definitely one of the most successful corners Baretta style is this magnificent space with a dresser half century, a selection of prints online, Murano glass pieces, whose colors are repeated again on the carpet. And always blue, present in the decoration.


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