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Two reasons make it advisable to use solar energy at home: lack of electricity, if we can not connect to the network by geography, and the economy eventually representing this system. Since then, means a substantial initial investment, but if we think that this energy source is clean and does not pollute, and it is inexhaustible and free, in the end the balance will be extremely favorable.

home decorWe will have that take the account, as appropriate, anyway we have a backup source, how a team generator, batteries or liquefied gas. And this makes higher initial investment, but over time we saving money.
Technologies and applications of solar energy

The idea was summed up for us the engineer Javier S. Gho, of Ingedes SA, for our readers to prepare a study on the technologies and applications of solar energy in the plot: “Whatever the application we make of these systems, we must always consider that solar energy is an input sparsely energy, time-varying (daily and seasonal), but that is renewable and uses low-power devices 0 and energy saving storage systems for backup in case of failure or when no useful sun “.
Water heating

Domestically, solar energy is used especially for hot water. The systems used are;

* System by natural convection (thermosiphon): It is the most economical and consists of water storage tank located above the collector (panel captures sunlight). Convection (the transfer of water molecules warmer colder regions) is achieved directly and circulation in the pipe (thermosyphon system) is achieved naturally as water when heated, its density decreases and rises, moving through the pipe and forming ‘a circuit to reach all the keys and use multiple passes through the collector: The system can heat to 45 degrees Celsius about 130 to 160 liters of water. Requires a collector of 2 square meters and a pool of at least 150 liters, enough for a family of 4-6 people and their requirements for the kitchen and bathroom. If you decide on this equipment, you should take the precaution of getting a backup system or heat a gas califont connected in series and valving antifreeze, which works when the outside temperature drops below 5 degrees.

* System forced convection heating: In this case, the accumulator or pond can be separated from the collector, since it has a pump that pushes the water to the heating process: Opera with a thermostat and its main advantage is that it has an effective means antifreeze, a problem that if present, to be detained in the water circuit, burst pipes fas as would happen to a bottle inside of a freezer. The forced circulation can be obtained with system equipment “live”, in which water is heated directly in the pond, or “indirect”, lower efficiency, and employing a heat exchanger (coil) for heat transfer.

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