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Albardinal Botanical Garden is one of the green space network grouped under the Botanic Gardens of Andalusia. This group of parks and gardens, as flagship objectives are preservation and care of all native species, threatened and endangered. An example of endemic, indigenous, seeking to generate these gardens is reflected in the name of this garden: the albardín is a plant species indigenous to the region.

The Garden of Albardinal, as mentioned, depends on the Andalusian. It is located in the province of Almeria, and is in the domain of the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata Nijar.
Activities and natural surroundings of the Garden

The extension Albardinal Garden, about ten acres, is divided by various sectors that recreate particular ecosystems, and represent plant life indigenous to the region of Almería low.

These sectors are, on the one hand, the traditional crops, the sector of cacti species, crassulacean and palms; azonal vegetation sector and the sector of vegetation serial.

In turn, in the Gardens of Albardinal develop constant and regular activities for all visitors. These activities, free, educational workshops focus on species found there, guided walks and various other courses.

In this garden plant environment of the province of Almería, offers to all tourists and visitors a huge range of species, both native to the region, as species adapted to the climate and the temperature characteristic of the environment, showing the large man wins botanists.

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