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One of the most colorful decorative styles is undoubtedly African. In recent years the aesthetic of the Black Continent has won positions on the east, which has already been a tad passé. Even within the African style decorative motifs are very different by the cultural variety of countries, today we will focus on more African tribal masks, drums, skins …

african style

It is always best to do ‘collection’ of typical objects when traveling to another country. But if you can not buy yourself in their place of origin, because no choice but to visit the shops. African tribal objects easily found in stores as they give a modern twist while exotic. In recent years there have been imported profusely carved wooden figures of people of tribes, of all sizes and shapes are women, children or men. If you opt for a large, ie at least one meter, it is best to place it directly on the ground. Figures are also common African animals like elephants, cheetahs, lions, jaguars …

On the walls of your ‘living African’ can not miss masks carved in ebony. Beside reserves space for tools or also from tribes. Another essential element to achieve this look are tribal textiles that mimic the skins of animals, of the Savannah and the African plain: leopards, zebras, giraffes … They will look more ethnic than pillows or rugs or curtains. The skins of these animals, real or not, are also an option to consider as carpet or simply to decorate the wall.

The colors to match that must prevail as African decor are all the range of browns. From the darker wood to the sand. But they should not miss small details in bright colors like red, orange or tile. Plant materials are also characteristic of African style, whether bamboo or wicker picture frames or baskets practices.

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